TDS High-speed Disperser

TDS High-speed Disperser is a kind of equipment for inline powder suction and rapid dispersion of powder into liquid materials. Only one equipment can complete all the process steps: dust-free powder suction pipe/hopper feeding without any powder loss, which can quickly complete powder feeding, wetting and dispersion mixing without agglomeration. It not only wets the powder, but also disperses it into liquid under vacuum environment to prevent a large amount of air from entering. It avoids agglomeration, with better reaction effect, higher material utilization rate and better product quality. The equipment can be modularized, which can save a lot of pipelines and process steps, while minimizing the production cost.

TDS высокоскоростной диспергатор
  • Materials Viscosity
    ≤100,000 cps
  • Production Capacity

Product Advantages

  • High viscosity, high solid content, inline slurry production
    The high-speed dispersion module of the equipment adopts a specially designed double-layer rotor structure, which can effectively discharge all the slurry in the working chamber and generate an utmost vacuum, so as to achieve inline slurry production with high viscosity and high solid content.
    At present, the inline slurry production equipment from our counterparts can only produce slurry with medium and low viscosity. So our TDS high-speed disperser is with obvious advantages!
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption
    For paint paste production, TDS High-speed Disperser can replace the production process of disperser+basket mill to produce paint paste in one step.
    For paste production of silica fume and activated carbon as powder, TDS High-speed disperser can effectively improve dispersing efficiency and reduce production energy consumption.
    For battery slurry production, TDS High-speed Disperser, comparing with planetary mixer, can save 6 times energy consumption and greatly reduce production costs;
  • Intelligent production
    Dozens of sensors such as online viscosity, mass flow, material level, weight, temperature, pressure and position can be configured to realize the whole process digital control and management
    High degree of automation: equipped with a large HMI, to achieve one key start/stop and whole process monitoring, nice apperance!

    Top configuration: accessories and materials are all made by well-known manufacturer at home and aboard, such as ABB, SIEMENS, Schneider, Danfoss, SEW, E+H, VEGA, METTLER TOLEDO, SMC, etc., to ensure stable equipment performance
  • Closed production, small space occupation
    Fully closed inline production to avoid the impact of environmental moisture and dust;
    Small space occupation, only about 1/3 of the traditional slurry production equipment;

Working principle

The specially designed high speed dispersing module of the TDS High-speed Disperser, rotating at a high-speed, drives the liquid flows at a high speed and generates utmost vacuum. Suck the powders into the working chamber with vacuum, at same time, the clearance between powder particles will be enlarged and movement speed will be increased sharply. The dispersing energy, generated by the dispersing module rotating at high speed, enlarges the liquid surface area by a million times. So all powders are sucked and dispersed into the liquid completely and rapidly, and produce slurry without any agglomeration.

TDS высокоскоростной диспергатор

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