Medicine is the substance or preparation of prevention , treatment or diagnosis of human and livestock disease. On the basis of source, medicine can be divided into natural and synthetic drugs. Medicine also can prevent disease, cure diseases, reduce pain, improve health, enhance the body's ability to fight disease or help diagnose disease.

SIEHE Group pays attention to the research and development of safety and healthy of medicine intermediate, provide high skilled equipment and contract service for the medicine intermediate industry, products comply with GMP requirements. Varieties include all kinds of medicine intermediate such as aromatic

aldehyde series, ester series, ether series, acid series etc..

SIEHE Group has a long history to produce pharmaceutical intermediates equipment and has rendered the equipment and contracting services for many famous equipment and  prominent pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing enterprises. We are not only manufacturing equipment, but also provide services of whole factory output, engineering design, factory renovation and expansion, project management consulting , project design etc..

Main Equipment and Function Introduction:

Blender:  Widely used for mixing powder and powder, powder mixed with a small amount of liquid. For liquid charging, SIEHE Group has designed independent measurable spraying method to improve mixing efficiency and uniformity; The mixer have complete specifications ranging from laboratory type to production type, vertical type or horizontal type for your options.You can choose the most suitable machine according to production process and material properties (density, mesh, etc.).

Unpacking and Feeding Equipment: consists of small bag and ton bag unpacking device and it can be divided into semi-automatic and automatic type.

Conveyor: contains pneumatic conveying (positive pressure and negative pressure, the dense phase, dilute phase) and mechanical conveyor (screw, bucket, tube chain and belt).

Packaging Machine: includes valve bag and top open bag packing machine. Based on filling range, it is divided into up to 5kg, up to 50 kg and ton-bag packaging.

High-shear Emulsifier:the dispersion, homogeneous, emulsification, refinement of food additives, according to the form, can be divided into two type: batch type and inline type; according to the production process, can be divided into rapid flow emulsifier, Up-spray type emulsifier, high shear emulsifier, solid-liquid mixing emulsifier, etc.; Various designs such as vacuum and heating are available to meeting different requirements of process.

Powder and Liquid Delivery Systems: powder pneumatic conveying (positive pressure, negative pressure, dense phase, dilute phase), mechanical conveyor (spiral, belts, bucket, etc.); liquid positive pressure and negative pressure conveying, pumping.

Powder, Liquid Batching System: including "incremental method", "decrement method", "volume method" and other batching methods.