Cosmetics: materials used for human body to beautify, retention, or change a person's appearance, or materials to purify, dyeing, wipe, correction or protect the skin, hair, nails, eyes, or teeth.

Cosmetic Classification:

Classified by effect: Cosmetics mainly divides into clean type, skin care type, basic type, beauty type and curative type.

Classified by application: Cosmetics mainly consists of skin cosmetics, hair cosmetics, beauty cosmetics, etc..

Classified by dosage form: Cosmetics mainly divided into liquid forms, emulsion, cream, powder type, block type, and oil type, etc..

SIEHE Group pays attention on the research and development of safety and healthy cosmetics provides high skilled equipment and contract service for the food additive industry, products comply with GMP requirements. Varieties include high-grade medicinal ointment, cream, emulsion, etc..

SIEHE Group has a long history to produce cosmetic equipment and has rendered the equipment and contracting services for many famous equipment and prominent cosmetic manufacturing enterprises. We provide services of whole factory output, engineering design, factory renovation and expansion, project management consulting, project design etc..

Main Equipment and Function Introduction

Blender:  Widely used for mixing powder and powder, powder mixed with a small amount of liquid. For liquid charging, SIEHE Group has designed independent measurable spraying method to improve mixing efficiency and uniformity; The mixer have complete specifications ranging from laboratory type to production type, vertical type or horizontal type for your options.You can choose the most suitable machine according to production process and material properties (density, mesh, etc.).

High-shear Emulsifier:the dispersion, homogeneous, emulsification, refinement of food additives, according to the form, is divided into two type: batch type and inline type; Batch emulsifier can be customize to be tank type and coordinate with different agitator type to realize one machine with multi-functions. The high-shear Emulsifier can be designed in a variety of ways like vacuumize, heating according to the requirements of process.

Multi-functional Mixer: design different kinds of agitators ( Disperser, Emulsifier, Mixer, blender etc..) combination according to the production process and material property. Vacuumizing and heating etc can be customized.

Filling Machine: according to the quantity of filling, the type of filling container (screw cap, end-closing, etc.), the filling speed, the filling accuracy, we design filling machine with different specifications and types; with high possibility for customizing.

Emulsifying complete production line: cosmetics complete production line consist of homogeneous emulsion main kettle (lifting lid, tilting kettle body), water phase tank, oil phase tank, dual- mixer with scraper, vacuum system, electric heating or steam heating temperature control system, electric control etc.. It is special equipment for the production of high-grade cream, medicinal ointment, emulsion etc..