Dyes and Pigment

Dyes, used to color fiber or other materials, are divided into two kinds--natural dyes and synthetic dyes, including reactive dyes, vat dyes, sulfur dyes, phthalocyanine dyes, oxidation dyes, condensation dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes etc.

Pigment is a powder materials with colorablity and covering capacity, which cannot be dissolved but suspended in water, grease, resin, organic solvent and etc mediums. Pigment is grouped in inorganic pigment and organic pigment. Inorganic pigments are divided into oxide, chromate, sulfate, silicate, borate, molybdate, phosphate, vanadate, iron cyanates , hydroxide, sulfide,

metal, etc. And organic pigment are divided into azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, anthraquinone pigments, indigo pigments, Quinacridone pigments, Polycyclic Pigments such as oxazine-Ⅱ,Fang methane pigments etc according to their chemical construction.

SIEHE Group provides equipment and turnkey project service for dyes and pigments production enterprise.

We offer the entire plant output, engineering design service, factory renovation, expansion services, project management consulting services, design services to solve the difficulties in dyes and pigment production thoroughly.

Main Equipment and Function Introduction

Blender:  Used for mixing powder and powder, powder mixed with a small amount of liquid. For charging the liquid, SIEHE Group has designed independent measurable spraying method to improve the efficiency of mixing and uniformity; The mixer have complete specifications which includes laboratory and production type equipment. A variety of forms, including many hybrid product such as vertical and horizontal blenders. You can choose the most suitable machine according to production process and material properties.

Conveyor: Including pneumatic conveying(positive pressure, negative pressure, dense phase and dilute phase) and mechanical conveying(screw, bucket, chain and belt)

Sieving machine: Including rotary vibration sieve, airflow sieve, various specification are available.

Packaging Machine: includes valve bag and top open bag packing machine. Based on filling range, it is divided into up to 5kg, up to 50 kg and ton-bag packaging.

Disperser: For pre-dispersing pigments. Various kinds and specification are optional including Disperser with scraper, Vacuum type Disperser, Dual-shaft Disperser with Butterfly agitator, Platform type Disperser etc. are available to meet various dispersing, mixing requirements.

High-shear Emulsifier: used for pigment dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and refining, it is divided into batch type and inline type; the batch type emulsifier can be customized into kettle mounted type coordinating with a variety of agitators to achieve one machine with multi-functions; the emulsifier can also be designed vacuum type, available for heating and many other types according to different producing process requirements.

Basket Mill: A kind of wet milling equipment, it integrates dispersing and grinding two processes into one machine. It reduces production process and also without pump nor valve, so it improves production efficiency and reduces material waste. Besides, it is easy to clean, which makes it is very suitable for production requirements of many different kinds of products in small volume.

Horizontal Beads Mill: A wet milling machine used for grinding pigment with higher final fineness requirements. It is with excellent grinding result and high efficiency. It is the most widely used milling machines in the market including Disc type Horizontal Beads Mill and All-round Horizontal Beads Mill.

The whole line can be the combination of single machines or automatic production line with advanced production technology including materials feeding system, measuring system, dispersing and milling system, multi-functional mixing and tinting system, cleaning system, automatic control system, automatic filling system etc based on pigment category and production requirements.