Barrel Washing Machine

Barrel Washing Machine is corollary equipment for Planetary Mixer or Multi-functional Mixer, its role is to wash the tank after material discharging automatically. It has electrical type and air type. Through automatic adjustable cleaning head, it can completely clean the tank with residue of high viscous materials such as ink, adhesive, silicone etc. on the wall.

  • Materials Viscosity
    ≤5,000,000 cps
  • Production Capacity
  • Application Industry
    Suitable for dispersing and mixing materials in industries such as coating, putty, ink, adhesive, energy, electronics & electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
  • Applicable Materials
    Various slurries with viscosity less than 5,000,000cps, solid content under 90% such as battery paste, solder paste, ceramic paste, silicone inks, sealants, structural adhesives, soft cream, jam etc..

Product Advantages

  • Safe and convenient operation
    Adopt hydraulic cylinder as lifting actuators. Control the washing head (washing lid) up, stop and down through controlling the valve, simple operation with high stability; with barrel holding device for fixing the mixing tank rapidly to prevent any possible accident due to tank displacement. Interlock between the tank in place and machine running can be set to avoid mal-operation.
  • High durability, wide application
    The washing head adopts corrosion-resistant copper brush or nylon brush, the cleaning nozzle is flexible and Stretchable, can be applied to containers with different specifications from 200L to 2000L ( washable barrel diameter range areas: Ф600-Ф1500mm)
  • High automation level
    All procedures (up and down, stretchable adjustment of the copper brush, automatic cleaning, time setting, reciprocating) can be controlled by control panel/ PLC, so that only need one person to do the whole washing work.

Working Principle

Move the tank into work area, the washing head of the machine will be lifted and shifted into the tank and fixed, then start the automatic cleaning procedure; The motor or gas motor drives the automatic retractable sets of cleaning brushes rotating. During the rotation, the washing head always attaches to the inner wall of the barrel, the machine also has automatic circulating spray device to clean the barrel clearly. It can be equipped with a filter device to reuse the solvent.

Barrel Washing Machine

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Technical Parameter

Model Container Dia. Range


Container Height Range


Main Motor Power


Cleaning Rotation Speed


Lifting Stroke


Cleaning Liquid Joint


SXT-A 600-1000 500-900 5.5 0-160 1100 DN25
SXT-B 800-1200 700-1000 11 0-120 1200 DN32
SXT-C 1000-1450 850-1300 15 0-100 1500 DN40
SXT-D 1200-1800 950-1600 22 0-85 1800 DN50

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