Company Profile

SIEHE Group, established in year 2009, starts with liquid machine manufacturing. After more than ten years of efforts, SIEHE Group has developed into a large-scale machinery industry group company. Its headquarter is located in Hongqiao, Shanghai, China. Its production bases are in Jinshan Shanghai, Wuxi and Yangzhou in Jiangsu, with a total plant area around 32000m2. The production bases are equipped with more than 160 sets of advanced production processing and testing equipment including: turning and milling center, large gantry five-axis machining center, horizontal five-axis boring and milling machining center, Vertical five axis machining center, vertical CNC lathe machining center, trilinear coordinates precision measuring instrument, image measuring instrument, precision altimeter etc. With strong production and quality control capacity, SIEHE group carries out product design, processing, assembly and testing in full accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and has passed professional institution certification.

SIEHE Group has several business divisions, and core products are: MOFA Slurry Production System, Powerful Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer, Nano Slurry Grinding Equipment, Powder/Liquid Automatic Batching System, Complete Production Line and EPC general contracting business for project construction and so on. Our machines are widely applied in industries such as battery slurry, electronic paste, ceramic paste, adhesive, paint and ink, medicine and food, magnetic materials and so on.

The whole series of core products have all passed the Europe CE certification. SIEHE Group has provided products and services for more than 10,000 users in more than 100 countries around the world and is widely acclaimed!

Among them, there are some well-known customers (in no particular order): Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd., NINGBO SHANSHAN CO., LTD., BEIJING EASPRING MATERIAL TECHNOLIGY CO., LTD., Ningbo Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd., BRUNP RECYCLING (subsidiary of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, CATL), BASF, BAYER, AkzoNobel, Dupont, 3M, Henkel, LANXESS, Sika, DIC, Valspar, HUNTSMAN, APP, CLARIANT, PEPSICO, Nestle, WACKER, LATICRETE, Crown Paints, Berger Paints……

Our Customers

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  • ISO 9001 border
  • Lab Horizontal Beads Mill- Invention Patent border
  • Planetary Mixer-Patent border
  • Powder-Liquid High-speed Disperser-Patent border
  • Lab Multi-functional Machine-Patent border
  • Vertical Ribbon Mixer-Patent border
  • Horizontal Vacuum Dryer-Patent border
  • Horizontal Beads Mill-Patent border
  • Homogenizer-Patent border
  • Basket Mill-Patent border
  • Planetary Dispersing Mixer-CE border
  • Extrusion Machine-CE border
  • Basket Mill-CE border
  • High shear Mixer- CE border
  • Beads Mill- CE border
  • High speed Disperser- CE border
  • Container Washing Machine-CE border
  • Vertical Ribbon Mixer- CE border
  • Kneader-CE border
  • Horizontal Ribbon Mixer- CE border
  • Tri-Roll Mill-CE border

Processing Equipment

Mazak --Turning and Milling Center Mazak --Turning and Milling Center
CNC Boring and Milling Machining Center CNC Boring and Milling Machining Center
Five-axis Gantry Machining Center Five-axis Gantry Machining Center
CNC Vertical Lathe CNC Vertical Lathe
Vertical Machining Center Vertical Machining Center
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Auto Hydraulic Four-Roll Rolling Machine Auto Hydraulic Four-Roll Rolling Machine
Automatic Polishing Machine Automatic Polishing Machine
Welding Equipment Welding Equipment
CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Precision Height Measuring Instrument Precision Height Measuring Instrument
Weld Treatment Weld Treatment