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Lithium battery is a kind of battery using lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials and non-electrolyte solution. It can be roughly divided into two categories: lithium battery and lithium ion batteries.

SIEHE Group provides the production equipment and the construction of turnkey project of anode materials (cobalt acid lithium, diverse materials and lithium manganese acid), cathode material (graphite)and lithium battery slurry (various battery slurry such as diaphragm pulp of primary battery, secondary battery, super capacitor, nickel-chromium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, power batteries, button batteries) for the lithium

battery production enterprises.

SIEHE Group has a long history of manufacturing lithium battery equipment and have ever provided equipment and the whole factory construction for many famous lithium battery enterprise around the world. We have rich experience in the lithium battery production, mastered the powder, liquid automatic feeding and leveling system, mixing system, automatic packaging system, automatic control system, and achieved breakthroughs in the area of mixing and drying of anode materials and high viscosity mixing of battery slurry; by digesting and absorbing the foreign advanced technology, we have developed many new products, which greatly improved the production efficiency and uniformity. We not only provide equipment, but provide whole factory output, engineering design service, factory renovation and expansion of services, project management consulting services, design services, etc., thus completely solve the production problem of lithium batteries.


Main Equipment and Function Introduction

Planetary Mixer: Suitable for lithium batteries slurry products, unique twist mixing paddle, 3D design, processed by four-axis processing center, combining with high speed dispersing shearing machine to mix the slurry rapidly and uniformly.

Horizontal Drying Blender: Specially for the drying and mixing of anode materials. Adopt horizontal plough drying blender developed with German technology, oil or steam heating are optional; the explosion-proof type can be customized. It is suitable for drying process of water-based and solvent-based products; The part contacting with medium and the parts contacting with medium can be coated with tungsten carbide material to reduce the metal pollution and to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Blender: Including vertical mixer and horizontal mixer, mainly used for batch mixing; The mixing chamber can be coated with Tungsten carbide or lined with polyurethane to reduce the metal pollution and to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Vacuum Conveyor: For conveying powder to the mixing chamber, vacuum suction, closed transmission, which improve the production environment significantly.

Packaging Machine: Used for packing anode materials of lithium battery, with optional packaging specifications and packing form.

Batteries Slurry Production line: full automatic production line, closed production.

Powder and Liquid Delivery Systems: powder pneumatic conveying (positive pressure, negative pressure, dense phase, dilute phase), mechanical conveyor (spiral, belts, bucket, etc.); liquid positive pressure and negative pressure conveying, pumping.

Powder, Liquid Batching System: including "incremental method", "decrement method", "volume method" and other batching methods.


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