Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer

Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer is a new developed powerful dispersing and mixing machine base on hydraulic lifting single shaft mixer, it can be divided into dispensable dual shaft and coaxial dual shaft according to the dual shaft coaxial or not; this machine is specially suitable for mid-and-high viscosity material and thixotropic material, many agitator patterns for option, usually has anchor type, butterfly type, frame type etc., can disperse and mix at the same time, with strong adaptability, can be customized according to different property and production process of the material.


Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer
Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer
Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer
Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer
  • Materials Viscosity
    ≤1,000,000 cps
  • Production Capacity
  • Application Industry
    Suitable for dispersing and mixing materials in industries such as coating, putty, adhesive, energy, electronics & electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
  • Applicable Materials
    Various slurries with viscosity less than 1,000,000cps, solid content under 90% such as battery paste, solder paste, ceramic paste, silicone inks, sealants, structural adhesives, soft cream, jam etc..


  • High mixing efficiency, good quality
    Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer consists of the agitator with scraper and high speed disperser, two sets of agitators working at the same time, so that the materials are mixed rapidly under the action of strong shearing and kneading force. Various agitators ( usually anchor type, butterfly type etc) are in option based on materials with different viscosity and different specific gravity and different production technology.
  • Safe and convenient operation
    Adopt hydraulic cylinder as lifting actuators. Control the mixer up, stop and down through controlling the valve, simple operation with high stability; with bolt for fixing the agitator and the main shaft, easy to disassemble and to clean. Different clamping mode (belt clamping, manual rotation clamping, pneumatic clamping) are optional for fixing the mixing tank rapidly to prevent any possible accident due to tank displacement. .
  • No residue on the wall, clean discharging
    There is scraper on the agitator, it clings to the container and scrape the materials on the wall off continuously. The container inner wall is precisely lathed and then mirror polished to ensure the scraper can scrape all materials sticking to the wall off without residue, improving the mixing effect..

  • Customized options
    Different options are available such as explosion-proof type, closed type, heating type, with PLC intelligent control type, etc.. Material can be customized to be SS316L or special Spraying materials.

Working Principle

Mixing impeller driven by the motor rotates in a fixed direction, which drive the materials to rotate in axial and radial direction; And the materials inside the tank, at the same time, also do axial and circular motion. So materials can be mixed and blended properly with high efficiency. The impeller is equipped with scraper clinging to the container wall to scrape the materials off the wall without residue during the rotation of the impeller, which improve mixing effect significantly.


Through the high-speed rotation dispersing disc, the materials will become in annular form flow, resulting in strong vortex flow, which descend down to the bottom of the vortex in spiral state. During the process, materials are dispersed, dissolved, mixed and emulsified efficiently due to the strong shearing crash and friction among the particles. The dispersing disc produces a good radial power through the circular motion which accelerates the material circulation and improves the dispersion efficiency.


The hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic cylinder ascend and descend, which drives the whole transmission and working set up and down.


Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer
Dual Shaft Multi-Functional Strong Power Dispersing Mixer

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Technical Parameter

Model Dispersing power (kw) Dispersing speed


Mixing power (kw)Mixing speed




 Hydraulic power


Lifting stroke


SJBD-1005.50-2880rpm2.20-85rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤801.1700
SJBD-2007.50-1450rpm40-85rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤1601.5800
SJBD-300110-1450rpm7.50-61rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤2401.5900
SJBD-50018.50-1450rpm110-61rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤4002.21000
SJBD-800300-1450rpm18.50-52rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤64041100
SJBD-1000370-1450rpm220-52rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤8005.51200
SJBD-1300450-1450rpm300-52rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤10005.51300
SJBD-1500550-1450rpm370-41rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤13005.51400
SJBD-2000750-1450rpm450-41rpmMaterial contacting part SS304≤16007.51600

*Capacity is tested based on the materials viscosity 50,000cps; The model selection shall be based on the data such as the materials viscosity, characteristic etc.

* If the working condition is high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, corrosive or others, you must provide detailed data for our engineer to customize specially.

* If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice.
* The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineers for more information.

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