Automatic High speed Slurry Production System

The popularity of new energy vehicles has driven the rapid development of the lithium battery market, and battery accounts for nearly half of the cost of electric vehicles. How to reduce the cost of battery production has become the goal of the entire industry to explore together. While the traditional slurry making process using Planetary Mixer faces huge challenges and doubts due to its high energy consumption and high cost. And a new lithium battery production process is urgently needed to solve the current problems! SIEHE SMART has been specializing in slurry production equipment for around 20 years, and our automatic high speed slurry production system has also been conceived accordingly. The system is suitable for lithium battery slurries with various viscosities and varieties in the current industry.

Intelligent high-speed slurry making system with high automatization from SIEHE SMART is based on MOFA slurry production equipment, together with the powder raw materials batching system, liquid raw materials ( including additives) batching system, conveying system, post-processing system(including cooling, filtration, iron removal, de-foaming) and finished products storage system. The system line includes following process parameter control: Temperature control, pressure detection, flow control, viscosity control etc.. With a touch screen to achieve visual production to reduce the labor cost, improve product quality. Green production contributes to Green Earth.

Automatic High speed Slurry Production System

Product Advantages

  • Automatic Batching,
    One-click Operation
    Automatic Batching, one-click operation
    Powder batching generally includes main materials and auxiliary materials. The main materials, packed in T bags, delivered to the feeding station above the vertical ribbon mixer by an electric hoist, and fed to the Vertical Ribbon Mixer. No dust leakage during the whole process. The auxiliary materials, packed in small bags, after unpacked manually, delivered from the Small Bag Unpacking Station (equipped with glove box) to the batching hopper by negative pressure. The batching hopper for auxiliary materials is with weighing module with high accuracy, batch weighing accuracy can be up to 2‰. Adopting decrement method, the materials weighed and delivered to the Vertical Ribbon Mixer by screw conveyor. The main materials and auxiliary materials go through initial mixing in the Vertical Ribbon Mixer.
    Liquid generally includes solvent and additives. They will be kept in storage tanks respectively, measured by mass flowmeter and delivered to circulation tank A.
  • Small Space
    Occupation, Save
    Production Cost.
    Lithium Battery manufacturing has strict requirements on environmental humidity. Compared with the traditional mixer process, auto high-speed slurry production system from SIEHE SMART occupies a small area, which significantly reduce the drying room volume required by the system. Therefore, the energy consumption to maintain the drying room environment is much lower than that of traditional batch mixing system, thus greatly reducing production costs. Data: Space occupation, the traditional mixing process is about 1300 m³, and the fully automatic high-speed slurry making system is about 650 m³. Assuming 140 million liters slurry (70GWh), the power consumption of the drying room is 500Wh/m³, so 6000h a year, it can save 1,950,000KW electricity every year.
  • High Production
    Efficiency, Save
    Comprehensive Cost
    The production capacity of the Automatic High-speed Slurry Production System is about 1600L/h, which is equivalent to the production capacity of 6~7 traditional 2000L Planetary Mixers. The total equipment investment is less than 1/3 of the batch mixing process, which greatly saves equipment investment costs.
    With high production efficiency, the Automatic High-speed Slurry Production System reduces greatly the energy consumption of equipment production. Data: The traditional mixing process is about 800Wh/L, and the MOFA slurry production process is about 250 Wh/L; Assuming 140 million liters of slurry (70GWh), so 6000h a year, it can save 77 million kWh of electricity per year.
  • High Automatization,
    Lower Labor Cost
    With automatic batching for the system raw materials feeding, the whole production process is continuous in a closed status. The system includes temperature control, pressure control, viscosity control, flow control ect, with SIEMENS PLC and touch screen, to realize visual operation, which greatly reduces labor costs and further improve

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