Adhesive Complete Production Line

The adhesive/sealant production system is designed and built by SIEHE Group, which is specialized used for mixing, dispersing, reaction and other processes of high viscosity materials such as adhesives and sealants (up to 10,000Pa.s). The production line consists of automatic batching and feeding, double planetary dispersing mixer, extrusion machine (press discharge machine), automatic tank cleaning machine, automatic filling machine and other equipment, which is connected by automatic tank tracking rails; the central control system is composed of sensors, actuators, communication network and HCI human-computer interaction system, in order to realize fully automation of batching, mixing, filling, cleaning and other production processes, which finally achieving capacity upgrading.

Adhesive Complete Production Line
Adhesive Complete Production Line
  • Production Feature
    high viscosity, high solid content.
  • Production Capacity
    300~10,000 T/ year
  • Application Industry
    Suitable for the production of all kinds of epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, polyvinyl acetate adhesives etc.; (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
  • Applicable Materials
    potting, hot melt adhesives, sealants, white latex, anaerobic, hardened rubber, adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, epoxy adhesive, silicone, conductive plastic, adhesive, polyamide plastic, adhesive, glue penetration, waterproof glue, fire plastic, light-sensitive plastic, building special glue, solar energy for plastic, electronic appliances for plastic, automotive special glue, adhesive, double sided tape, silicone rubber, etc.

Product Advantages

  • Very Professional
    SIEHE industry has extensive experience in the production of adhesive, offers complete adhesive production line mainly including mixing equipment, extrusion machine, packaging machine, and be equipped with heating, cooling, vacuum, barrel washing devices etc., turnkey projects also are available.
  • Strong core mixing function, wide application
    Regular adhesive mixing equipment is divided into three types: dual-shaft dispersing mixer (butterfly + high-speed disperser, anchor type scraper+ high speed disperser), tri-shaft multifunctional disperser (anchor type scraper+ dual high speed disperser, anchor type scraper + high speed disperser+ Medium speed screw), dual planetary mixer / double planetary mixer (double paddles+ high-speed disperser+ scraper, double twist type agitator+ high-speed disperser+ scraper, double door frame + high-speed disperser + scraper, claw type agitator + high speed disperser + scraper, double butterfly type agitator + high speed disperser + scraper); SIEHE industry has deep research and innovative development in mixing area, formed a unique new mixing product for high viscosity materials.
  • Automatic material feeding
    The main raw material for adhesive is bonding material, curing agent, toughening agents, diluents, fillers, modifiers etc.; The adhesives production line designed by SIEHE industry adopts automatic material feeding mode; Liquid material using pump + flowmeter, powder material using weighing and batching way, greatly reduced the labor intensity and improved production efficiency.
  • High system stability
    SIEHE industry procures high quality industrial products from world renowned company, motor using Siemens / ABB products, inverter adopting Emerson / Schneider products, weighing system using Mettler - Toledo products, flowmeter using E + H / Yokogawa products, hydraulic system using Atos products, vacuum system selecting Leybold / Busch products to ensure the accuracy and stability of the systematic production.

Working Principle

The main equipments of Adhesive Production Line: mixing equipment, extrusion equipment, cleaning equipment, filling equipment
Mixing Equipment: For middle and low viscosity products, often use dual-shaft or tri-shaft multifunction dispersing mixer; for high viscosity products, usually choose Double Planetary Mixer; Whichever product, there are mixing, dispersing, scraper etc. functions. The machine is closed design, which can be evacuated, and with the heating and cooling system to achieve constant temperature stirring.
Extrusion equipment: Including fixed barrel type and lifting with barrel type, commonly used at the back of mixing machine and front of the packaging equipment, extruding material from the barrel by the strong extrusion pressure and match with the barrel seal structure; can customize vacuum extrusion machine.
Cleaning equipment: It is to wash the removable tank automatically after material discharging. There are two types: Electric type and full pneumatic type. Solvent recovery system is optional for the Container Washing machine to realize one-step tank cleaning.
Filling Equipment: can be divided into semi-auto type and fully automatic type, can be customized according to the filling specifications and the form of filling container.


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Technical Parameter

Batch processing capacity: 500~3,000 kg

Annual production capacity: 300~10,000 T/year
Mixing Equipment: Dual-shaft dispersing mixer, Tri-shaft multifunctional dispersing mixer, Double planetary Mixer
Extrusion equipment: fixed type, with tank lifting device

Cleaning equipment: fully automatic container washing machine, hydraulic lifting or pneumatic lifting

Filling method: Semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine
Heating methods: steam heating, oil heating, water heating
Vacuum mode: water ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump
Materials: SS304 stainless steel, SS316L stainless steel

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