Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer(Tank Lifting Type)

The Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer (Tank Lifting Type) consists of two sets of low-speed agitators and two sets of high-speed dispersers. It is with good mixing and dispersing effects. The tip speed of the High-speed Disperser is above 23m/s, which is able to control the viscosity and fineness of the slurry effectively. Twist type agitator with 3D design is processed by the Five-axis Machining Center, which ensures the clearance between the agitator and agitator, agitator and tank wall, agitator and tank bottom. So the mixing dead corner is obviously reduced and the uniformity of the finished product is significantly improved. Advanced equipment manufacturing process eliminates metal pollution, which greatly improve the safety performance of the lithium battery. Suitable for high viscosity kneading, the solid content of the slurry can be in range of 55%-90%, viscosity can be up to 100,000mpa.s, Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer is now a core machine for Slurry Making and Homogenizing in the lithium battery industry.

  • Materials Viscosity
    ≤1,000,000 cps
  • Production Capacity
  • Application Industry
    Ternary polymer lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, carbon nanotuba, diaphragm material
  • Applicable Materials
    Various battery slurry with viscosity within 1,000,000cps, solid content under 90%.

Product Advantages

  • High mixing efficiency, wide application
    The Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer has two sets of agitators and two sets of high speed dispersing shaft revolving around the container axle and at the same time rotating at high speed, so that the materials are mixed quickly under the action of strong shearing and dispersing. Adopt twist type agitators to meet the requirements of materials with different viscosity and different production processing.
  • Safe and convenient operation
    Adopting V-shaped device for positioning the mixing tank, the positioning is 360 degree to ensure its accuracy, hydraulic tank locking device: working with guide rail to realize tank lifting with accurate positioning, safe and reliable. Tank support device: Wedge-shaped structure, no pressure leakage, no tank drop, with safety interlock to prevent mis-operation.
  • High machining accuracy and strong structural performance
    The pentagonal twist type agitator is made of duplex steel, precision casting, and processed by Five-axis Gantry Machining Center. One-time processing forming, high strength and precision, effectively ensure the clearance between the agitator and agitator, agitator and tank wall, agitator and tank bottom. The agitator rotation does not repeat the trajectory, which realizes mixing without dead corner and better slurry homogenization efficiency. Planet gear adopts 6-grade precision hardened gear, low noise, high transmission efficiency, stable high-speed operation and extended service life of bearing.
  • Customized options
    Machines can be customized as per production process requirements: Explosion proof type (Europe ATEX Standard), Vacuum type (Vacuum degree can be up to 20 mbar), Cooling type, Intelligent type (with PLC Control) and so on. Materials can be customized to be SS316L, Duplex Steel or coated with special materials.

Working Principle

Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer consists of gear motor, planet frame, agitator, tank, tank lifting system, cleaning device vacuum device and frame etc.. The rotating planet frame drives the two twist agitators and two dispersing shafts to revolve around the tank axial direction and also to rotate at a high-speed at same time to put the materials under strong shearing and kneading force. So the materials are dispersed and mixed thoroughly.

Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer

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Design volume



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Rotation speed



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