Auto High-speed Slurry Production System

With the proposal of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutralization targets, renewable energy+energy storage become the trend of energy structure adjustment. And lithium ion battery is developing rapidly. How to improve the battery capacity density and safety performance and how to reduce the battery production cost have become the goals of the entire industry. At present, the mainstream of the market is using Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer for slurry production. If for small batch slurry production, the Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer is with very high applicability. But if for mass slurry production, inline High-speed Disperser is an ideal equipment. It has been verified by the market in the production of low viscosity battery slurry. The uniformity of the finished slurry is better than that produced by Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer. While the investment cost (Equipment itself, space, energy consumption) is much lower than that of the Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer. The only problem is it is not suitable for battery slurry with high viscosity. SIEHE Group has been specialized in paste production equipment for nearly 20 years. Faced with huge demand of the market and driven by the mission of a high-end intelligent manufacturing company, we have invested a lot of money and technology to develop an automatic high-speed slurry production system together with a leading enterprise in this industry. The system not only clears the headache that inline dispersing machine can not produce slurry with high viscosity, it also greatly improves the intelligence, production efficiency, investment cost performance and other aspects for the slurry production system line.


Product Advantages

  • High viscosity, high solid content, inline slurry production
    The high-speed dispersion module of the equipment adopts a specially designed double-layer rotor structure, which can effectively discharge all the slurry in the working chamber and generate an utmost vacuum, so as to achieve inline slurry production with high viscosity and high solid content.
    At present, the inline slurry production equipment from our counterparts can only produce slurry with medium and low viscosity. So our TDS high-speed disperser is with obvious advantages!
  • Mass production, high efficiency and low energy consumption
    Comparison between the main machine of MOFA Slurry Production System and the system using Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer
    Main machine of MOFA-4000 Slurry Production system, 4000L per batch, 1600L per hour, unit energy consumption: 125KWh/KL
    1200L Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer (total volume 2000L), 1200L per batch, about 200L per hour, unit energy consumption: 750KWh/KL

    Conclusion: The unit energy consumption of Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer slurry production system is 6 times of that of MOFA Slurry Production System, so MOFA Slurry Production System is with obvious advantages in mass production!
  • Low investment, high cost performance
    With a capacity of 1600L/h, the investment amount comparison among the main machine of the MOFA Slurry Production Equipment, Double Planetary Dispersing Mixer and the main machine of Inline Slurry Production System from our domestic counterparts:
    1. MOFA-4000 Slurry Production System, including Inline dispersing homogenization functions, and the cost is about CNY 3.5 million
    2. 1200L Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer (total volume 2000L), 7-8 sets are required, and the cost is about CNY 14 million
    3. The Inline Slurry Production System from our domestic counterparts, including circulating high-speed slurry making machine and membrane high-speed disperser, the cost is about CNY 7 million
    Conclusion: The investment amount of our MOFA Slurry Production System is 50% of that of the Inline slurry production from our domestic counterparts, and 25% of that of the Double Planetary Power Dispersing Mixer. Its cost advantage is obvious!

Working Principle

SIEHE Group Intelligent High-speed Slurry Production System is based on MOFA Slurry Production Equipment as the core, auxiliary powder batching system, liquid (including additives) batching system, conveying system, post-processing system (cooling, filtering, iron removal, deaeration), and finished product storage system. The whole line has a very high degree of automation, including process parameter control: temperature control, pressure detection, flow control, viscosity control, etc.. With a touch screen to achieve visual production, reduce labor costs and improve product quality!


Recommended Product

Technical Parameter




Batch Slurry



Production Capacity



Outline Dimension


SZJX-4000 4000 1600 10000*9000*7500


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