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Ürünler ve Çözümler

Mid-batch Basket Mill

The machine has altered traditional production processing by integrating dispersing and milling two processes into one, which reduces production process significantly. It increase production efficiency and reduce waste. Compared to other lab equipment, mid-batch basket mill has high efficiency and high finesse, and it is easy to clean, and fit for grinding different material.

  • Materials Viscosity
    ≤5000 cps
  • Production Capacity
  • Application Industry
    Suitable for dispersing, grinding materials in industries such as biology, pharmacy, cosmetic, food, paint, ink, color paste, dyestuff, fertilizer etc.. (For more application industry, please click “free consultation”
  • Applicable Materials
    Materials shall be with viscosity less than 5000cps, with comparatively high requirements of final grinding result or with many varieties such as emulsion paint, industrial paint, color paste, water-borne ink, fertilizer suspension, enamel etc.

Product Advantages

  • High grinding efficiency and excellent grinding result
    Driven by the strong kinetic energy, the zirconium pins drive the grinding medium inside the basket to carry out irregular movement. The mediums crush, friction with each other to grind the powder into smaller particle size within a short period. For general materials, it can be down to approx. 5um, some even can be down to submicron or even nano level.
  • Easy operation and clean
    The machine has electronic control cabinet and invert, which are fixed with Removable stainless steel cart, and it is easy foe the equipment operation and speed control. It has electrical lifting device, can realized the cover and the tank relatively closed, it reduce the volatilization of solvent. The special design of grinding chamber can make it easy for both solvent circulation cleaning or grinding chamber split to clean.
  • Little temperature increase, stable finished product.
    The tank working with the machine is with cooling jacket. Excellent cooling result can be achieved by inputting cooling water into the jacket when the machine is running . Normally the temperature increase will be less than 10º. Basket part with jacket can be customized.
  • Customized options
    The machine can be Exproof type.
    Grinding chamber can be made of Zirconium.
    The machine can be vacuum type.
    The materials for the machine can be SS316L.

Working Principle

The rotating motor drives the pins and dispersing disc to rotate at high speed, which makes the upper part of dispersing disc and inner grinding chamber become vacuum. The slurry is inhaled into grinding chamber. The grinding medium driven by the driving pin inside the chamber produces force in all directions, which put materials under the action of constant collision and friction to smaller the particle size and narrow the particle size range. The vortex flow generated by high speed rotation dispersing disc absorbs materials out from the basket (grinding chamber), and the milled materials are absorbed again, excellent dispersing and grind result will be achieved.


Recommended Product

Technical Parameter

ModelPower SupplyPower (kw)SpeedBasket Volume




LiftingMedium Size


SYM-2.2380V 50HZ2.20-2880rpm1.5The contact part is SS30415

With a 20L jacketed tank

Electric Lifting1.8-2.4200

İletişim Bilgisi

  • Adres
    Rm. 305-307, Building 1, No. 168 Taihong Rd., Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai, China Zip Kod:200333 View Map
  • Fabrika adresi
    Block D2, No. 2777 Wanfeng Rd,Jinshan District, Shanghai,China View Map

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