Ürünler ve Çözümler

Ürünler ve Çözümler

Laboratory Multi-functional Machine

The lab machine is a newly developed lab machine with multi-function and with high performance. It consists of driving system supporting system, control system, working components and auxiliary system. With the help of different working heads and optional components, one machine can carry out different working modes including Disperser, Basket Mill, Emulsifier, Mixer, Mixing Mill to provide more possibilities for lab application. High-quality components, high-precision processing, intelligent HMI, all make work easy and happy.

  • Material viscosity
    ≤25000 cps
  • Production capacity
  • Application Industry
    Suitable for dispersing, mixing materials in industries such as biology, pharmacy, food, paint, ink, adhesive, pigment, fertilizer etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation”
  • Applicable Materials
    Good for all kinds of Materials (Not Exproof nor flammable materials) with viscosity less than 25000cps, solid contents shall be less than 80% such as emulsion paint, industrial paint, water-borne ink etc..

Product Advantages

  • Steady lifting
    Adopt European imported servo control lifting system with height display and control. The lifting height is settable. Steady lifting, nice appearance, aluminium made shell makes it is easy to clean.
  • Control system
    Adopt SIEMENS HMI and PLC, OMRON programmable Vector frequency conversion controller to realize following functions:
    Speed display and control, height display and control, running time display and control, output torque display, load display, total running time display, running data save and output, malfunction alarm and display.
  • Working head
    Various working heads: Disperser, Emulsifier, Mills, Mixer are optional.
    Specially designed quick joint to enable to exchange the work head quickly to realize one machine have different functions.
    The main part processed by CNC processing center and CNC lathe is with high precision, stable running and long service life.

Working Principle

Through the high-speed rotation dispersing disc, the materials will be in annular form flow. As a result, strong vortex flow is generated, which descend down to the bottom of the vortex in spiral state. During the process and, the materials are dispersed, dissolved, mixed efficiently due to the strong shearing crash and friction between the particles.
The rotating motor drives the pins and dispersing disc to rotate at high speed, which makes the upper part of dispersing disc and inner grinding chamber become vacuum. The slurry is inhaled into grinding chamber. The grinding medium driven by the driving pin inside the chamber produces force in all directions, which put materials under the action of constant collision and friction to smaller the particle size and narrow the particle size range. The vortex flow generated by high speed rotation dispersing disc absorbs materials out from the basket (grinding chamber), and the milled materials are absorbed again, excellent dispersing and grind result will be achieved.
It is mainly consisted of rotor and stator. Under the centrifugal force and hydraulic force generated by the high-speed rotor, the stator will put materials under comprehensive action such as strong shearing, centrifugal extrusion, crashing, hydraulic friction etc.. As the result, the solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase which is insoluble at beginning will prompt evenly dispersed and emulsified with various additives. After high-frequency circulation, stable materials with high quality are obtained in a short time.
Vacuum mixer:
Supplied with exclusive vacuum dispersing tank, and tooted disc, butterfly agitator, and propeller agitator. It can be connected with vacuum device to realize vacuum dispersing and mixing.
Ball Mill:
Motor drives the grinding wheel rotates at high speed, which drives the beads inside the tank to do the high speed movement.  The friction and crash force between the beads and materials grind the materials into smaller particle size.


Recommended Product

Technical Parameter

Working modeVoltage(w)Power
SpeedWorking headCapacity
(water) (L)
Disperser220V 50HZ1100100-6000rpmФ50mm, 80mm, 100mm (single layer)

Ф80mm,100mm (double layer)

2.5L、5LElectrical lifting
Basket mill220V 50HZ1100100-3000rpmThe grinding cavity volume is 1L, with 0.6-2mm zirconium bead2.5L、5LElectrical lifting
High shear Emulsifier220V 50HZ1100100-6000rpmTwo types of working heads, high shear and Up-flow type2.5L、5LElectrical lifting
Vacuum dispersing mixer220V 50HZ1100100-6000rpmTooted type dispersing disc, butterfly agitator, and propeller agitator2.5LElectrical lifting
Mixing Mill220V 50HZ1100100-6000rpmOne Ф60mm and one80mm polyamide grinding wheel

One Ф85mm stainless steel eccentric grinding wheel

1.5LElectrical lifting

İletişim Bilgisi

  • Adres
    Rm. 305-307, Building 1, No. 168 Taihong Rd., Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai, China Zip Kod:200333 View Map
  • Fabrika adresi
    Block D2, No. 2777 Wanfeng Rd,Jinshan District, Shanghai,China View Map

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