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Dual Shaft Mixer (Hydraulic Lifting)

Dual Shaft Mixer(Hydraulic Lifting) is a product with dispersing, emulsifying, stirring functions developed on the basis of Single Shaft Hydraulic Lifting mixer. It is divided into co-axial dual shaft mixer and independent dual shaft mixer according to whether the shafts are designed in co-axial or not. The product has a good adaptability of high viscosity and thixotropy material; A variety of optional mixing ways, conventional such as anchor, butterfly, frame, etc.; It has so strong adaptability that emulsion, dispersion and mixing can be simultaneously realized, it can be customized by the different requirement of materials characteristic and production process of the customer.

  • Materials Viscosity
    ≤1,000,000 cps
  • Production Capacity
  • Application Industry
    Suitable for dispersing and grinding materials in industries such as paint, putty, ink, adhesive, pesticide, lithium battery slurry etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
  • Applicable Materials
    :Materials shall be with viscosity less than1,000,000cps, various slurry with solid content under 80% such as putty, printing ink, structural adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, suspension concentrate,etc..

Product Advantages

  • High mixing efficiency, excellent product quality
    Dual shaft mixing is mainly used in stirring and mixing of viscous material, the collocation of the dual-shaft stirring forms (dispersing+ stirring, emulsion + stirring, mixing + stirring) solves the mixing and stirring of the viscous materials that single shaft mixer failed to mixed; The mixing efficiency is faster than single shaft mixer, and the mixing effect is good.
  • Safe and convenient operation
    Adopt hydraulic cylinder as lifting actuators. Control the mixer up, stop and down through controlling the valve, simple operation with high stability; The connection between the agitator and shaft is through bolts or flange. It is very convenient for disassemble or replace, easy to clean. Various agitators are optional based on processing requirements to optimize the mixing result. Different clamping type (Belt Clamping, Manual Rotation Clamping, Pneumatic Clamping) are optional for fixing the mixing tank to prevent any possible accident due to tank displacement.
  • Various installation ways
    With compact structure, the machine can be floor type, platform type. Tank working with the mixer can be removable type or fixed type.
  • Customized options
    Different options are available such as explosion-proof type, closed type, with lifting cover type,co-axial/dual shaft compound, multi-tanks type, mounted on kettle type, etc.. Material can be customized to be SS304 \SS321 \SS316L .

Working Principle

Mixing agitator driven by the power unit rotates in a fixed direction, which makes the materials rotate in axial and radial direction; and the materials inside the tank, at the same time, also do axial and circular motion. So materials can be mixed and blended properly with high efficiency.
Through the high-speed rotation toothed disc, the materials flow in an annular form resulting in strong vortex. The vortex spiral materials down to the bottom of the vortex. The intensive shearing, crashing and friction force generated between the particles disperse, dissolve and mix materials efficiently.  The stirring disc, through the circular motion, produces a good radial function, which accelerate the material circulation and improve the efficiency of dispersing.
Precision-engineered stator and rotor match with each other perfectly. High-speed rotation motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, which generates vacuum condition between the stator and rotor. So materials are sucked into the chamber from the top of the stator &rotor and also from the bottom. Rotor driven by the strong kinetic energy creates high linear speed, which puts the materials under comprehensive action of strong crushing, tearing, centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction etc between the precision-engineered gap of the stator and rotor. After processed, the materials are flying out and generates strong turbulence under the action of forces from different direction. Stable emulsion is obtained after repeated disaggregation, dispersion, homogenization, shearing for a certain period with help of mature production technology and certain quantity emulsifier.
Hydraulic lifting mixer drives the hydraulic piston up and down by the hydraulic pump to lift the driving mechanism and working head up and down.


Technical Parameter

ModelDispersing Power


Dispersing Speed


Mixing Power


Mixing Speed




Hydraulic Power




SJBD-1005.50-2880rpm2.20-85rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤801.1700
SJBD-2007.50-1450rpm40-85rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤1601.5800
SJBD-300110-1450rpm7.50-61rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤2401.5900
SJBD-50018.50-1450rpm110-61rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤4002.21000
SJBD-800300-1450rpm18.50-52rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤64041100
SJBD-1000370-1450rpm220-52rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤8005.51200
SJBD-1300450-1450rpm300-52rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤10005.51300
SJBD-1500550-1450rpm370-41rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤13005.51400
SJBD-2000750-1450rpm450-41rpmSS304\SS316L Stainless Steel≤16007.51600

* The above listed Max. processing capacity is data designed in the reference of the viscosity values by 50,000cps; The calculating of model selection should be based on the
materials viscosity, characteristics etc.
* If works under special environment such as high temperature, high pressure, explosive, combustible, corrosive etc., detail data is required for correct model selection.
* If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice.

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