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Product Introduction

Powder metallurgy is the industry technology producing metal powder or use metal powder (or the mixture of metal powder and nonmetal powder) as raw material, after forming and sintering, to make out metal, composite materials and various types of products. At present, the powder metallurgy technology has been widely used in transportation, machinery, electronic, aerospace ,weapon, biological, new energy, information and nuclear industry areas, it becomes one of the most dynamic branches of the new material science. The manufacture of powder metallurgy materials contains the process of raw material powder preparation, sintering after powder forming into the required shape and briquette and product after processing procedures; SIEHE Industry design of Powder Metallurgy Complete Production Line mainly aim at the preparation of raw material powder and subsequent processing products, it has provide equipment and project construction services for many domestic powder metallurgy production enterprises.

【Material Properties】: Mixing of powder and powder, the specific gravity of material is heavy.
【Production Capacity】: 1500~30,000 T/year
【Applied Materials】: Suitable for various materials such as powder metallurgy porous material, powder metallurgy antifriction material, powder metallurgy structural parts, powder metallurgy mold material, powder metallurgical electromagnetic material, powder metallurgy high temperature materials, etc..


    • Powder Metallurgy Complete production Line
    • Powder Metallurgy Complete production Line

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    Product Advantages

    Strong specialization
    SIEHE Industry has abundant experience in powder metallurgy production, and has a broad product line at the same time. We provide clients with Powder Metallurgy Complete Production Line, mainly including related product such as crushing, storage, conveying, batching, and mixing of the raw materials, and storage, crushing, sieving, packing, dust collecting of finished product.
    Powerful mixing function, complete range of application
    SIEHE Industry possesses an extremely high professional degree in mixing system. More than ten years accumulating of experience in research and development of product innovation and application made it possible for SIEHE Industry to deal with the customers’ mixing problems. The product variety and specifications is complete, so customer can choose the most suitable machine by production capacity, environment and process. The most frequently used machine in market at present is the Double -spiral Conical Mixer.
    High stability of system
    SIEHE Industrial purchase high quality industrial products from global well-known companies, the motor select Siemens/ABB products, frequency converter choose Emerson/Schneider products, weighing choose Mettler Toledo products, pneumatic components choose Festo products, electric component choose Schneider products, use Siemens PLC and touch screen products. It ensures the accuracy and stability of the production system.

      • Powder Metallurgy Complete production Line working principe

      Working Principle

      1. Preparation of raw material powder. Milling method now can be divided into two categories: mechanical method and physical chemistry method. The mechanical method can be divided into mechanical crushing and atomization method; Physical chemistry method can be divided into electrochemical corrosion method, reduction method, chemical combination method, reduction-chemical combination method, vapor deposition, liquid phase deposition, and electrolytic method. The most widely used method is the reduction method, atomization method and electrolysis method.
      2. Powder formed into the required shape of briquette. The purpose of forming is to make out certain shape and size of pressed shape, and make it with certain density and intensity. Forming way can be basically divided into extrusion forming and zero pressure molding. The most use of extrusion forming is the compression molding.
      3. The compact sintering. Sintering is a crucial process in powder metallurgy process. After formed compact by sintering will obtain required finally physical and mechanical properties. Sintering is divided into unit sintering and multi-component sintering. For unit system and multiple system of solid phase sintering, the sintering temperature lower than the melting point of metal and alloy; For multi-component system of liquid phase sintering, the sintering temperature is generally lower than the melting point of the refractory compounds, but higher than the melting point fusible components. In addition to the ordinary sintering, there are special sintering process such as apparent sintering, infiltration method, and hot-pressing method. .
      4. Product after process treatment: After sintering processing, can adopt a variety of ways according to different requirement such as sizing, immersion oil, machining, tempering, and electroplating. Besides, in recent years, some new technology such as rolling, forging is used in powder metallurgy material after sintering processing, which obtain ideal effect.

      Typical Case

      Powder Metallurgy Complete Production Line handover
      The customer is domestic well-known powder metallurgy production enterprise, the product is mainly apply in large ship region; The picture is a Powder Metallurgy Complete Production Line SIEHE Industry customized for them.

      【Batch production capacity】:5000T/year
      【Features】:The production line consist of raw material storage system, batching system, convey system, crushing system, mixing system , finished product storage system, packing system, dust collecting system, steel structure system and control system.

        • Powder Metallurgy Complete production Line typical case

        Technical Parameter

        System Components


        Optional Equipment


        Raw Material Handling System

        Unpacking, Feeding

        Small bag feeding station, ton bag feeding station, ton bag and small bag integrated feeding station, fully automatic small bag feeding station, etc.


        Optional according to the technical requirement


        Hammer Pulverizer, Jaw Pulverizer, etc..

        Optional according to the technical requirement

        Sieving, Filtering

        Rotary Vibrating Sieve, Linear Vibrating Sieve

        Optional according to the technical requirement

        Batching System


        Powder Part: screw feeding, vibrating feeding, belt feeding, rotary valve feeding

        Liquid feeding adopt pump or pressurized convey (can use spray way to improve the effect of mixing).

        Frequency speed control of screw, the opening of the valve can be adjusted, feeding being fast first and then slow, feeding speed can be controlled, batching not only guarantee the accuracy but also improve the efficiency.


        Powder Part: Weighing cylinder, the batching generally used weighing gain method, or can use weighing loss method.

        Weighing module using Mettler Toledo products, different requirements matching with different weighing precision (0.2%, 0.01% or above).

        Conveying System


        Meet the requirements of conveying within the equipment in the production line.

        Vacuum Feeder, Belt Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, etc.

        Selection according to the capacity design, material characteristics, plant layout, etc..

        Storage System


        Apply for storage of raw material, finished product and intermediate material. In general are: raw materials vessel, finished goods vessel, before mixing temporary storage vessel, after blend finished product vessel and so on.


        With before mixing temporary storage vessel, after blend finished product vessel, shorten the feeding and discharge time, to improve the utilization of the mixer, reducing production cost, and improve system capacity.

        Mixing System


        Nauta Mixer, Double Conical Mixer, Horizontal Ribbon Mixer, Horizontal Plough Shear Mixer

        Different material and mixing processing requirement match with different type of mixer.

        Packing System


        Top Open Bag Packing Machine, Valve Bag Packing Machine, Ton Bag Packing Machine, etc..

        Choose the most suitable packing machine by the packing specification, accuracy requirement, packing efficiency, material properties etc.

        Electronic Control System


        Control Circuit Built: Relay, PLC, PC-based, etc..

        HMI: push button, digital type, etc..

        CMCC control center, IMCC control center, industrial wireless technology (in development),etc..

        According to the complexity of the control, the importance of the production data acquisition as well as the customer’s requirements on modernization intelligent degree, select the most appropriate control system.

        Dust Collecting System

        Dust removal

        Cartridge dust collector, filter bag dust collector, relieve or clean the dust problem

        According to the dust area, dust emission, material features, to select the rational filter area, filter form.

        Steel structure

        Operation platform

        Provide  steel structure equipment installation, equipment operation and maintenance of the platform.

        Detachable design, easy to transport and install, more flexible;

        Heavy-duty structure, more stable to be safer for the operator.


        Application Industry

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