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Products and Solutions

Product Introduction

Pesticide, a group of materials can wipe out worms, germ, harmful animals or weed to keep and improve plant and crop healthy grow up. Chemical fertilizer is manufactured or mined and manually processed fertilizer, it is also called inorganic fertilizer. SIEHE industry gathers rich experience in equipment application and manufacturing and has provides equipment and turnkey projects to lots of international pesticide&fertilizer manufacturers. Mixing equipment, core device of pesticide&fertilizer complete production line, as well as additional function are chosen according to production process. Pre-mixing device includes: raw materials’ treatment system(unpacking, feeding, smashing, sieving, drying, etc.), raw materials’ transmission system, raw materials’ storage system, batching system, temporary storage system, etc. After-mixing devices includes: finished products transmission system, finished products temporary storage system, finished products before-packing treatment system(sieving, metal detecting and filtering, etc.), finished products packing system, finished products stacking system, etc. SIEHE also provides the steel structure platform, dust collecting system, automatic control system in different levels.

【Raw Materials】: Mixing of powder and powder, powder and particles, powder and a spot of liquid..
【Capacity】: 1500~30000 T/year
【Application】: Suitable for organic pesticide, inorganic pesticide, botanical pesticide, microbial pesticide, physiological acidic fertilizer, physiologically basic fertilizer, physiological neutral fertilizer. (More information please click FREE CONSULTATION)
【Products】: Insecticide, bactericide, acaricide, nematicide, rodenticide, herbicide, defoliant, phosphatic fertilizer, nitrogenous fertilizer, potash fertilizer, etc.


    • Pesticide&Fertilizer Complete Production Line

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    Product Advantages

    Highly Professional
    SIEHE industry has rich experience of manufacturing pesticide&fertilizer and wide range of production line which includes all the required devices. SIEHE provides the plant devices and related additional devices including: raw materials storage, transmission, batching, mixing, finished products storage, sieving, degaussing, packing, dust collecting, etc.
    Good Dust Collecting
    SIEHE industry designed and researched in details on dust collection in pesticide&fertilizer manufacturing. The entire production line is closed, feeding station and packing point take use of center dust collector to reduce powder pollution, improve working surroundings and reduce the damage to people’s health, in addition, it also cuts the company finance to control pollution.
    Powerful Mixing, Full Range of Specifications
    SIEHE shows great professional degree and gathers rich experience in core mixing system in the past decades of years from researching, developing, innovating, applying and helping customers solve problems. Core mixing products includes: NautaMixer, horizontal ribbon mixer, horizontal plough mixer, horizontal non-gravity mixer, V-shape/dual-cone mixer, 3D mixer, etc. With multiply of classifications and specifications, proper products could be chosen according to production capacity, surroundings and production process.
    High System Stability
    SIEHE products take use of international famous products as purchased part, motor uses SIEMENS/ABB products, frequency converter uses EMERSON/OMRON products, loading cell uses Mettler-Toledo, pneumatic element uses Festo products, electrical component uses Schneider Products and PLC and touch screen uses SIEMENS products, which improves the system accuracy and stability.

      • Pesticide&Fertilizer Complete Production Line working principle

      Working Principle

      Raw materials ——→unpacking(small bags or T-bags) ——→raw materials pre-treatment(smashing/sieving) ——→raw materials storage ——→ batching system(incremental method and weight loss method)——→ mixing system(drying) ——→finished products treatment(smashing/sieving/degaussing) ——→finished products storage——→packing system——→finished products

      Typical Case

      Pesticide&fertilizer production line
      The following picture shows the complete dye production line(mixing zone) customized by a Chinese pesticide manufacturer.

      【Characteristic】:This production line consists of transmission system, batching system, smashing system, mixing system, spraying system, dust collecting system, steel structure system, etc, totally automatic production line.

        • Pesticide&Fertilizer Complete Production Line typical case

        Technical Parameter

        System Composition


        Optional devices


        Raw materials treatment system

        Unpacking, Feeding

        Small bag feeding station, T-bag feeding station, small bag&T-bag feeding station, automatic small bag feeding station, etc.

        Choose according to production process.


        Al-round smashing machine, micron smashing machine, air flow smashing machine, etc.

        Choose according to production process.

        Sieving, Filtering

        Vibration screen, Linear screenair flow screen, etc.

        Choose according to production process.


        Spraying dryerair flow dryer, fluid bed dryer, belt drierand etc.

        Choose according to production process.

        Feeding System


        Powderscrew feeding, vibration feeding, belt feeding, rotation valve feeding

        Liquid: pump or positive deliveryspraying feeding is optional to improve mixing effect

        Screw feeder can be frequency speed controlled, valve open grade can be controlled. Feeding speed is fast to slow to ensure batching accuracy and improve batching efficiency.


        Powderweighting binnormally takes use of weight add method, weight loss method

        Liquid: metering or weighting meter

        Loading cell takes use of Mettler Toledo products weightingaccuracy is opted according to requirements(over 0.2%0.01% or higher)。

        Storage System


        Used to store raw materials, finished products, medium products. Normally, storage system includes: raw materials bin, finished products bin, temporary storage bin before mixing, finished product bin after mixing.

        1Temporary storage bin before mixing and finished product bin after mixing are able to shorten charging and discharging time so that improve usage rate of equipment to reduce raw cost and improve capacity.

        2Storage bin is with anti bridge device which can be closed type.

        Mixing System


        NautaMixer, horizontal ribbon mixer, horizontal plough mixer, horizontal non-gravity mixer, V-shape mixer, dual-cone mixer, 3D mixer, etc.

        1Choose according to production process

        2Optional function: temperature control, pressure control, non-standard control, etc.

        Packing System


        Open-top packervalve bag packer, T bag packer

        Choose according to packing specifications, accuracy requirement, packing efficiency, material characteristics, etc.

        Electrical Control System

        Process Supervising

        Electric control building: relay, PLC, PC-based, etc.

        HMIpress button type., digital type, etc.

        CMCC control centerIMCC control centerindustry wireless technology(to be developed), etc.

        Choose according to control complexity, importance of production data, customers requirements of modern and intelligent level.

        Dust Collecting System

        Dust Collecting

        Filter-element filter, bag-type filter are optional to remit or remove dust.

        Choose filtration area and type according to dust area, dust quality, materials characteristics.

        Steel structure Platform

        Operation Platform

        SIEHE provides necessary steel structure platform of installation, operation and maintenance.

        Sectional design is easy to transmission and installation

        Extra-heavy structure ensures stability and operators security.


        Anti-corrosion and easy to clean

        SUS304SUS316Linside and outside are mirror polished

        Choose according to required materials and materials characteristics


        Application Industry

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