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    Water-based Paint Complete Production Line

    SIEHE company has designed and provided water-based paint production with capacity from 500T-100000T/year for customers. The customers use them to produce three kinds of water-based paints: Water-soluble coating, water reducible coatings, water dispersion paints. Besides, also some water-soluble alkyd resin, water-soluble epoxy resin and water-based inorganic polymer resin in addition to water-soluble alkyd resins, and Water-based inorganic polymer resin etc.
    The Water-based Paint Complete Production Line adopts advanced production methods such as automatic vacuum feeding system, measurement system, basket dispersing and grinding system, multi-functional mixing and tinting system, cleaning system, automatic control system, automatic filling. The whole line works under complete closed condition to make the workshop without dust and to obtain finished products with good quality.
    The whole production line is works fully automatically to reduce the operator labor intensity and it also avoid the quality problem due to human factors.

    1. From materials feeding to finished product packing, the whole process works under completely closed condition to realize clean working environment.

    2. Adopt international advanced dispersion and grinding system is adopted to realize good fineness and stable product with good quality.

    3. The easy clean paint tinting system is for various products with high viscosity. It can meet the production processing requirements of water based interior and exterior wall paint and it is also applicable for various thick paste paints such as textile paint, elastic paint etc..

    4. Filling machine is easy to operate and with high accuracy.

    5. Touch Screen, IPC, PLC etc. are all from international famous brand,  programmable to realize industrial intelligence.

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